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Added some soul and hip hop vinyl

Greetings! I just added some soul and hip hop records up on my for sale page, check it out. Also, I wanted to share an experience I had today while I was in the process of buying someone’s hip hop collection. I had asked the seller a few times about the condition of the vinyl. [...]

Listing more items…

Hi everyone, First off, i’d like to say thanks to all the new people who have liked us on facebook, thanks. I for one am having difficultly mastering social technology. I’m still a vinyl guy and stuck in that state of mind:) Speaking of vinyl, i’m listing some pretty great wax from a NY dj [...]

Listing more records tonight and tomorrow 9/8

Hi everyone! I’m going to be listing some more soul vinyl as well as hip hop and some techno and some older jungle/drum and bass. It’s official, summer is now over. Out here in california though we get the whole month of september to enjoy the summer like weather. It’s always a great time to [...]

Start of the fall….but it’s still hot!!

Hi all,   I’ve added some early rap, techno, and some soul represses. Also, I wanted to post a picture of this really cool clock my wife made out of a beach boys endless summer ep. It’s really cool and I think I will make this my first giveaway for my customers! Thanks to all [...]

Why do I still collect and play vinyl?

Let’s face it, we are in a fast paced world! Everything is at our fingertips. This tablet i’m writing this blog with is smaller than the size of a notebook. Any questions we have now we can get answers to from our phone. Music is now more accessable now than ever before. With digital download [...]

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